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S - Shampoo - Wosa's Sulfate Free Shampoo -

                             (w/ TTree and PPmint Oils)

                   Gently cleans hair without stripping. 

                   Great for natural or color treated hair

                   Tea Tree and Peppermint Oils - stimulating

                   Organic - 73%


U - Uncoil - Wosa's Shea Butter Conditioner

                   - (w/ TTree and PPmint Oils)

                  Shea Butter - heavy moisture - softener

                  Un-coil / De-tangle

                  Organic - 63%


D -Dry Wash - Wosa's Dry Cleaning Liquid ( hair + skin)

                   Antiseptic scalp and skin cleaning

                   Use in - between shampoos

                   Can be used as an aftershave ,after haircuts,

                    and after the gym.

                   "A great dirt/sweat smell eliminator"


S - Spray - Wosa's Herbal Tea ( hair + skin)

                  Aloe and Herbs for hair and skin hydration

                 Liquid - leave in conditioner with Colloidal Silver

                 Can also be used as a refreshing spray for hair and skin

                  throughout the day.  95% Organic


                                8 oz Shampoo, 8 oz Conditioner,

                              8 oz Dry Cleaner, 8 oz Herbal Tea







Cleaning Bag

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