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Wosa's Natural Hair Spray - Herbal Tea / 95% Organic

Wosa's Natural Hair Spray/Herbal Tea has been formulated to protect  and condition your hair/skin. 

Can be used during the "L" stage in "LOCS" method. (to wet hair)

Can be used as a daily skin-face refresher/mist.

Can also be used to soothe and condition - alleviating flakiness, dry scalp and tension from protective styles such as braids and weaves.

Can be used as a "braid spray" Anti - Fungal properties / Anti- Itch

Our proprietary blend of organic oils, herbs, fruits and vitamins will make you fall in love with this product. This product contains colloidal silver - natures  own antibiotic  - antibacterial /antifungal properties


Herbal Tea (Skin+Hair)