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                            THE "LOCS" COLLECTION *  SAVE $10

                                  DIY - retwist - at home

            For beautiful Natural Hair/Locs, always use the "LOCS" method.


          "ALL" you need for a successful re-twist - at home


L - Liquid - Use Wosa's Natural Hair Spray/Herbal

                   This phase allows your  hair follicles to "open up" 

                   allowing better product penetration.

                   Calms and Soothes scalp.

O - Oil - Use Wosa's Oil 5+

                  Dry hair needs oil.  Ours is a blend of Organic Oils,                                                   Herbs and Vitamin E

C - Cream - Use Wosa's Loc Butter

                   Great for re-twisting your locs or use as a

                   weekly hair dress for natural hair/locs). 

                   Can also be used as a leave in conditioner/detangler -

S - Shine - Use Wosa's Shine

                  Argan Oil Hair Polisher - Anti - Frizz


           8 oz Herbal Tea, 8 oz Oil 5+, 8 oz Loc Butter, 4 oz Shine






"LOCS" Bag (Liquid, Oil, Cream, Shine)