Face/Skin Bag - Save $10


       For beautiful Natural Glowing Skin / Natural Facial

S - Soap - African Black Soap

                Deep Pore Cleansing and Exfoliating
                For Aging, Problem or Oily Skin
                Coco Pods, Shea Tree Bark and Palm Tree Extract
K - Kick - Herbal Tea
               Aloe Vera Juice and Herbs will give your skin a youthful kick.
               Natural herbs will restore your natural tone and elasticity
               Colloidal Silver - reduces inflammation, plus Vitamins and Oils
- Infuse - Shea Butter
                  Heavy Moisture for moisture depleted skin.  A natural sun block      
N - Night - Coffee Butter - eye butter and night cream
                   Coffee - De-puffs skin - eye area
                   A blend of Organic Aloe, Coffee Butter, Alpha Lipoic, Alpha Hydroxy, Coq10
                 "YOUTHFUL" eyes and skin for Normal, Dry or Combination Skin
                   Anti-Inflammatory , Caffeine Rich Coffee
  1. Break off a small piece of soap - wash your face, rinse , towel dry
  2. Mist your face - generously - wait for 1 min
  3. Massage your face and/neck with our Organic Shea Butter
  4. Using a small amount of the Eye Butter... apply to the eye area in a circular motion


PS: keep the soap in a open-dry space.  Do not submerge in water . This soap is 100% organic


           3 oz African Black Soap , 4 oz Herbal Tea, 8 oz Coffee Butter, 8 oz Shea Butter 


Skin/Face Bag

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