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Our Cleaning Liquid is a herbal astringent base, with aloe vera juice,

Herbs/flower rosemary,lavender, chamomile, green tea, calendula, dandelion, geranium, horsetail, gotu kola, Oils- blend: Tea Tree, Geranium, Lemon, plus Vitamin C and hydroxyethyl ethylcellulose

Uses:   Can be used as a skin cleaner/toner - after barbering services to disinfect the skin - or can be used as a scalp cleaner to prevent itchy scalp in between shampoos. Great for after the gym splash. "A great dirt/sweat smell eliminator"

A must have for clients with "New Locs". Cools and Calms scalp due to dry scalp tension for lack of shampooing.

Can also be used on scalp for braids and weave styles that cannot be shampooed.

This product is 81% organic / Made in USA

(shake before use)


Dry Cleaning Liquid - for scalp and skin