Perfect In-Home Spa Day


B - Butter - Body Butter (unscented)*

                Heavy Moisture for Dry Skin

                Aloe Vera, Shea and Cocoa Butters + Sunflower Seed Oil

               Rich and Creamy butter for moisture depleted-dry skin


O- Oil - Sweet Almond Oil (unscented)*

              Highly emollient, Rich in Vitamins and Glucocides

              Uses: Hair, Bath Oil, Massage Oil

               Can also be used for manicure and pedicure


D- Daily Mist - Herbal Tea - face, body, hair

              Aloe Vera Juice and Herbs will give your skin a youthful kick

               Natural herbs will restore your natural tone and elasticity

               Colloidal Silver - reduces inflammation, plus Vitamins and Oils


Y - Youthful Eyes - Coffee Eye Butter

                   Coffee - De-puffs skin - eye area

                   Seaweed - strengthens and nourishes

                   Antioxidant, renewal and repair - Active Enzymes


* ok to add a scent to our unscented butter and oil


8 oz Body Butter , 8 oz Herbal Tea,  8 oz Almond Oil , 2 oz Coffee Butter


Add a scent for $5 and get free shipping


      4 STEPS - In Home Spa Day



  1. Pour 2 ounces of Almond Oil in bath - relax - towel dry
  2. Mist your face/body - generously - with Herbal Tea - wait 1 min.
  3. Massage your Body with our Organic Body Butter
  4. Apply a small amount of eye butter to the eye area in a circular motion




(you) Add a scent to your unscented body butter

(Ration= 10ml oil : 8 oz butter ) 10 ml oil = $5

 Fragrance Oil: Almond, Coconut, Cotton Candy, Chocolate, Chocolate mint, Egyptian Musk, Frankincence, Grapefruit, Hazelnut, J Baby, Liberian Girl, Michele O. , Myrrh, Pumpkin Pie, Rose, Sandalwood, Sea Breeze, Strawberry, Verbena, Vanilla






Body Bag - Butter, Oil, Daily Mist, Youthful Eyes