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Locs Care

Here is some information for you on how to take care of your hair and what to expect hen you start your Locs.

Scroll to learn more about how to keep your hair healthy and how to make your retest last longer

If you have any more question stop by the salon! We would be happy to assist you.

Loc Cycle


0-3 Months

Do not wet.

Use Shower Cap

Cover at night.

Oil Sheen Daily.

Dry Clean + Retwist every 2-3 weeks

Hair will unravel until next stage 


7-9 Months

Cover at night.

Use Shower Cap.

Wash and Retwist

once a month.

Oil Sheen Daily.

Oil weekly (1 oz)

Style as needed. Treatment

every 3-4 months.

Hair will begin to stretch giving you more length.


4-6 Months

Cover at night.

Use Shower Cap 

Wash and Retwist

once a month.

Oil Sheen Daily

Hair will begin to look "pregnant" this is normal.


Cover at night.

Use Shower Cap.

Wash and Retwist

as needed.

Oil Sheen Daily.

Oil weekly (1 oz)

Style as needed. Treatment

as needed.

Hair will be fully Loced and look like Locs.

10-12+ Months

Common Concerns

Curly/Afro End

New Growth

New Growth Is the hair that is new to your loc journey, the average person grows ½ an inch of hair a month. This hair grows like an “afro” , it is new to your journey and begins the Loc Cycle from the Pre-Loc State. Your new hair will never “Loc.”

Curly/Afro Ends is your oldest hair at

the end of your locs ,

this hair will act as

your natural hair once did.

It will not match your locs when they mature.

If this bothers you when

the hair is fully loced you can cut them off.

Keeping them or cutting them 

is a stylistic choice

and whichever option you pick

will not unravel your hair



Budding is the hair after the new growth that is leaving the pre loc stage and trying to loc. In  mature hair this is 2-3 inches from the New Growth. In Starter Locs, the entire shaft of the hair can bud.When you have newer locs this will cause your hair to “look pregnant” this is a good thing. It means the locing process is happening.

Unraveling will always happen with starter locs and new growth. This is because the hair is new to the process and needs to go through the Loc Cycle. We do not use hard products to make your hair “loc” as that is not healthy for your hair. Your hair naturally gets matted overtime, any product that makes and keeps your hair hard till your next retwist, like beeswax, leaves you with excessive  buildup.

Common Concerns


We believe that every time you wash your hair you must get a retwist because wetting natural hair makes it puffy. This being said, we advise that you wash your hair only when it is time for your retwist. 

Excess washing can lead to damage and thining.You can dry clean (using our dry cleaning liquid) 

your hair in between shampoos.


Make sure to oil your scalp once a week

with an ounce of oil directed toward your scalp.

Oil helps keep the hair moisturized

which makes it stronger and prevents breakage.

We also recommend lightly spraying

your hair with oil sheen once a day.


Covering your hair at night while sleeping and making sure it stays on  is crucial for the retwist to last. The friction while sleeping unravels freshly retwisted hair. The more you cover your hair at night the longer your retwist will last.  You can cover  with anything from a stocking cap to a bonnet just make sure it stays on .


Refrain from playing in your hair as it will cut down the time of the retwist as you will be unraveling the process and will lead to thinning

Our Retwisting System for Locs


Formulated to protect  and condition your hair/skin. 

Used during the "L" stage in "LOCS" method. (to wet hair)

Can be used as a daily skin-face refresher/mist.

Can also be used to soothe and condition - alleviating flakiness, dry scalp and tension from protective styles such as braids and weaves.Can be used as a "braid spray" Anti - Fungal properties / Anti- Itch Our proprietary blend of organic oils, herbs,fruits and vitamins will make you fall in love with this product. This product contains colloidal silver - natures  own antibiotic  - antibacterial /anti-fungal propertiesThis product is 95% Organic


Oil 5 is a blend of 5+ Organic, Natural and Essential Oils

Natural Oils: Safflower, Sweet Almond, Wheat Germ

Organic Oils:  Olive, Jojoba

Essential Oils: Tea Tree, Sage

Plus Panthenol ( Vitamin B)

A conditioning / cleaning oil.  Great for re-twist or weekly scalp application.

Scent: Tea Tree and Sage

    This product is 100% Natural 


Wosa's Hair/Loc  Butter 

Unscented,Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Shea Butter, Natural Oils and Herbs

Uses: Locs, Retwist or Twist Out.

Our Hair/Loc butter can also be used as a hair softener, leave in conditioner

or detangler for curly-kinky hair.

    This product is 77% Organic 


Argan Oil Hair Polisher.  Contains Silicone- water soluble, Organic Argan Oil and Natural Citrus Oils 

Reduces frizziness and adds shine. Ultra Light Serum

Scent: Citrus Blend

This product contains 100% Organic

Our Most Popular Services


Hair Washed the Day before a Retwist or before

A Retwist in the salon is Best Practice to ensure your hair lays flat to the scalp. 


Locs are retwisted with the palm roll method using our

Herbal Tea, Oil 5, 

Loc Butter, and  Shine. 

Retwists lasts 2-3 weeks. This is a natural retwist. No Beeswax, No Detox, No comb parting,no crochet/ re-hook.


Styles are amazing! Not only do they look great but they are perfect for retwist retention. Styling allows your hair to be tucked away for up to two weeks. Styling protects your hair and when taken out your retwist can be worn for another week to 2 weeks without looking 3-4 weeks old.


Repairs for Locs are only done to the base of the locs. 

Helps with thinning or breakage. Repairs are good for preventing the loss of locs and should be done if needed.

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