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General Information

Please respect yourselves and our space
Understand you are entering a Small family/Black owned business
We are not a major conglomerate
if there are any problems please text us or approach us in respectfully in person in order to resolve the issue.
If you do not agree/respect our rules and pricing please text the salon to cancel you appointment and receive a refund of your deposit because we would not want you to enter a space with a negative mindset just because you have already paid us a deposit.


We do not answer calls or texts when busy.

Sunday/Monday Texting Not Available 

Text Line is Open 

Tuesday Through Friday 11am-6pm

Saturday 9am-4pm

You can text us at anytime 

but we will answer during those times (Responses can take up to a day)

 Late Fees?

We do not have late fees as we understand everyone is human please just come into salon if you are late and wait for available stylist. Any Client Arriving more than 20 minutes late for services within an hour and a half of closing will be texted to reschedule and deposit will not be lost

Stylist Requests

We do not operate based on requests

Requests can be made online through your notes when booking. With requests 

please know that there will be waiting times 

as the salon operates on a rotating system and you’ll have to wait for the stylists rotation or you’ll be texted if they are not in. All this would result in waiting times/ not being seen at selected appointment time. If not wanting to wait any stylist can see you at your appointment time.


To Reschedule or Cancel Please Allow 12 hours before. If it is less than 12 hours before your appointment changes cannot be made or if you are a no show to appointment 

 The Deposit will be lost.
Please log in/sign up for an account with email used during booking and you will be able to change your appointment.

if having technical trouble and it is more than 12 hours before appointment please text to reschedule 

Hair Washing

Hair that is not washed in the salon only includes 30 minute dryer time. If your hair is damp from washing elsewhere you can leave damp or pay for extra dryer time $5/15 minutes

Drying hair before service to avoid fee is recommended

We do not twist unwashed/dirty hair please include a wash in your service or wash your a day prior.

Matted Locs Seperation 

Up to the discretion of the stylist 

an additional $15 for matted hair will be added

Slight webbing is okay but if needing to pull apart most locs this fee will be added.

To avoid fee please separate locs before arriving


Balance Due in Salon is CASH ONLY

There is an ATM in the building 

Products in the salon can be purchased with card


We do not use hard products or tools to make your hair "loc" this is a natural salon, we only palm roll with our natural products. 

regular maintenance and at home care is what locs the hair over time.

Starter Locs

Starter Locs and Braids pricing vary and are determined during in person consult
Style Pricing Is based on complexity and length of hair